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HKSYS provides food ordering service for free. We recommend restaurants with good feedback from our previous customers. To enjoy our free food ordering services, you need to 1.) place your order at least 2 days in advance and

2.) pay in full.  Please whatsapp us at 9257 2831 for free food ordering services.

Chefsworkshop 廚神工房

The quality of food provided by Chefsworkshop is exceptionally high and the price is reasonable. Food is packed individually. We have received many positive feedback from our customers. This makes Chefsworkshop become the only BBQ food provider that we recommend to our customers.


Free delivery upon purchase above HK$1,000.


FoodFeverHK offers a wde range of food which suits both small and large gathering. We have received many positive feedbacks from our customer. 


Free delivery upon purchase above HK$500.

Grove Sandwiches

Grove Catering Service offers party set with a very competitive price. 


Free delivery upon purchase above HK$800.

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